Emergent gameplay in WoW

I’ve previously mentioned how WoW players are using the heavy leather ball to added fun – for example see this discussion on how someone comments spending two hours doing PvP in Warsong Gulch was fun because the group had the ball and couple play a game with the ball while slaughtering the poor Alliance members.

I was prompted to to write this after I saw some incredibly funny videos on YouTube about players doing very, very long jumps using the Rocket Boots Xtreme. For the uninitiated, this is a pair of boots that can be manufactured by players specialized in engineering, and for a for a very high price. I doubt the Bliz dudes really thought what they were doing when they implemented this feature – I’m immediately thinking how to abuse this for capture the flag PvP. Anyway, see the video below for a method of travel that probably wasn’t ever supposed to make it into the game.

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