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HP 3570c scanner software for Leopard and Snow Leopard

Update: The instructions below probably don’t work anymore. The installer requires (?) Rosetta, which Apple has deprecated as software companies had their 10 years or so to port software to be native on Intel. If you still have this scanner, I recommend you recycle it and get a $50 Canon scanner, which will have better image quality and save you hours of frustration.

HP doesn’t officially support 3570c on OS X 10.5 nor 10.6, but I’ve found the software is installable once you work around bugs in the driver installer. The software is prone to crashes, but tends to do it’s job on my machine the next try after the crash.

DISCLAIMER! WARNING! Installing unsupported software on your Mac can cause severe problems. Please do not follow these instructions. They worked for me, but might not work for you.

1) Download this:
2) Mount DMG
3) Right Click the Installer and select Show Package Contents
4) Navigate to Contents/MacOS/Sub Installers
5) First install the “HP Scanjet 3500”, “HP Scanjet Scanner – Common” and the “HP Scan Pro” packages
6) Go to /System/Library/Extensions and delete “hpPlugInInit.kext” (why does a scanner want to install a kernel extension which isn’t even needed, is beyond me)
7) Do not restart your computer immediately, as OS X rebuilds your kernel
8) Done, use the HP Scan Pro application Hewlett-Packard folder under Applications

With this method, in addition to working in both Leopards, you don’t get any of the useless crap the standard installer wants to put on your computer. Snow Leo will probably prompt you to install Rosetta during the installation.The only reason I’m keeping the HP is that it still works for the little scanning I’m ever doing, so I can’t justify getting a new one (from some company that is not HP). I guess I might have been happier if the install hadn’t worked for Snow Leo.

Ischnura cervula

Ischnura cervula, originally uploaded by sulka.

As you might know, I’m really into photographing dragonflies. So, after landing to San Francisco, I had to take the train to the Golden Gate Park yesterday. I grossly underestimated the size of the park based on reading the map so it took a while to actually get to a lake but once I did, I did manage to spot a dragonfly. Back at the hotel I identified it to be the Pacific Forktail and sent email to people managing the California Dragonfly sightings page. Turns out this was the first finding of the species in California this year so I’m a happy camper now. :)

Habbo Global Youth Survey

Alice fron Wonderland (sitting next to me, in fact) blogged about the Habbo Global Youth Survey. The HGYS is a book being published by Sulake based on a research we did on our users. The book tells exactly who our users are, including full demographics of the users in all countries. Only data missing from the book is the financual figures (obviously).

We’re giving out a very limited amount here at GDC. I don’t have information about how the actual distribution is going to be handled but if you want to get a copy, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to pass your contact information to people who’ll handle the distrivution. Be warned though – you might have to shell out a significant amount of cash to get a copy. And no, I can’t send you a copy so please don’t ask.


First day of GDC. Attending the Indenpendent Games and Casual Games Summits. Lots of interesting stuff happening, especially enjoyed Daniel James’ speeches.

The casual games market in US still seems to be dominated by ideas in the lines of thinking that it’s hard to sell games online to teenagers. Obviously there’s a lot of people who don’t really know about Habbo and that we’re making very significant revenue by selling virtual items to teenagers.

I guess I’ll just have to convert the blog to english as I’m effectively not blogging in Finnish and the subject material I’d be interested in blogging would definitely get more readers if the blog was actually accessible to non-Finns. :)