YouTube Video Awards 2006

YouTube’s Video Award winners are now out. Google News clocks ar 320 articles which is pretty good. The first winner video has 13.5 million views already. Pretty good!

I find it interesting as a phenomena that a new company can pop up in the Internet and challenge existing giants to the point where they want to kill you, no matter how much it costs. I’d love to see some figures about whether the YouTube awards created more buzz among regular Internet users than the Oscars. I’m sure YouTube will publicize numbers at some point so while waiting for those, here’s two clips:

My favorite video of the winners is the Kiwi!. Even though it’s listed as the “most adorable” entry, I found it deeply sad but somehow inspirational.

The video actually reminded me of the Extreme Trainsurfer video. I’m at loss when trying to pick words to describe this clip. And am inspired by the fact that we have a medium to spread content like this. With TV, I’d not have seen this in the first place and especially would not be blogging this video in a way that you can read this. “You can only be free… when you have nothing to lose.”

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