Scandinavian Airlines flips the finger to frequent fliers

Given that airlines sell most of their tickets online nowadays, I’m awe at how badly SAS can screw up their Internet experience for the end users. The the following screenshot I just took on flight reservation system:

SAS’s site changed it’s URL and for some reason my username doesn’t work anymore. Since I use the system keychain, I know exactly which username used to work a couple weeks ago so I doubt I’m at fault. Also the fact that I tried a wrong username/password combination _once_ locks out the account so I can’t request a new password even with SMS. This means they expect that someone trying my username means someone’s stolen my phone which is just insane. They do list out a phone number I can call but that’s tomorrow and presumably there’s a queue so I’m not exactly thrilled.

Links to Help section show me a “page not found” error. I used to be an ex-gold card holder, I guess I’m an ex-flyer now.

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