Bookmarks for November 16th from 08:45 to 08:45

These are things I’ve found interesting for November 16th from 08:45 to 08:45:

  • Christian Gaming Zone: Minecraft – And who says games don't have deep meaning. ;-) It makes me realize that Minecraft is the perfect antidote to a decade of FPS "Shoot minorities in the head" bad PR.
  • The art of connection, contribution, & change – Helpful reminder that making my game is not about beating my competition, but about connecting with the people who play my: "A contribution is never about us—it’s always about them. We show respect for them by being well prepared. We show we care by sharing a bit of ourselves and a small part of our own humanity. Do not allow yourself to get bogged down in a haze of self-doubt and worry about whether or not you are good enough. To win or to lose is not the point."