When platform goes bad

Seems there’s some trouble brewing at Facebook. I’ve no idea if this is specific to Finland in some way, but Facebook Connect has been going up and down for the past two weeks so I’m failing to authenticate using the feature and AJAX calls on my stream are failing to load.

I’m now trying to add a new email address to my account, and when I click the link on the verification email sent to my new address, register.facebook.com drops the connection on loading the confirmation page. I actually did get the page to load once, but the confirmation failed to be registered.

WatchMouse’s API status claims Facebook’s authentication API has been fairly stable, but I suspect the login API they’re monitoring is not telling the actual truth.

I’ve had other people complain to me about this, so I know it’s not just me.

For all I know, this could of course be some server that’s gone bad in Facebook’s cluster, which they’re using for Finns. If I had to make a guess, this is caused by Facebook rolling out backend tech related to their upcoming changes, and something’s gone wrong.

What this has caused though, is that my trust in Facebook’s ability to maintain a platform stable enough to rely on as a business has been severely damaged. I was on my way to becoming a full time envangelist of the platform, but given my problems as a user, I’m not so sure anymore.

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