CCP FPS MMO, cool!

As reported by Lum, CCP is putting out an a console-based FPS MMO which is tied into Eve, both thematically, as well intertwined game mechanics. Gamasutra has some more details. This is very cool, and if the interaction mechanisms between Eve and Dust 514 (what an odd name?) are even remotely well done, I think it’ll be a smash success.

One detail I’m extremely interested to get to know more about is how the economic tie-ins are going to work. Gamasutra’s report states “Players in the PC MMO can “fund mercenaries and give them goals” in the console title” which indicates you can transfer ISK between Eve and Dust. What strikes me as potentially complicated is how you balance the two, given some parties in Eve can transfer megabucks, while in an FPS it doesn’t necessarily make sense to make players have more cash than necessary to handle the dude you’re playing. An obvious design workaround to this would be that you need to equip whole squads of troops with your money (burns more cash) and not get to play any personified individuals during the game, but lack of personified avatars would reduce the amount of emotional attachment to the game.

Anyway, good job CCP – hope you’ll do fine with the game.

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