MobileMe observations

Given that I think my iPhone is the best thing after the invention of sliced bread, MobileMe sounded fantastic. Push email, calendar synch from the cloud, yay!

I ended up disabling the free trial after a couple days. The service is utterly broken.

The calendar synchronization doesn’t actually synchronize the calendars. In addition to not supporting subscribed ics calendars, it actually went and deleted about half of the events I created on my iPhone.

The email push only works for the address and I’m not going to swap to email addresses. And it seemed the push actually only works about 50% of the time.

AIM using account is useless since I don’t have any of my contacts on that account. And I don’t want to start using the account either, since I won’t want to lose the contacts if I later stop using MobileMe.

The iDisk is too small for anything big, and too slow for anything quick.

Having said all that, I hope Apple fixes the service, and lets me on another free trial so I can verify it really is fixed. Until that, so long!

In unrelated news, I think Apple fucked up badly with the feature set of the new MacBooks. I would have been seriously tempted to get one, but the lack of a Firewire port is a deal breaker for me. I’ve tried using USB for hard drives and the performance just doesn’t cut it (in my own “real world copy lots of stuff around and time how long it takes” tests, same drive over FW400 is about twice as fast as the same drive over USB 2.0). And I’m about to shell for 16 GB memory cards for the new cameras, and I’m seriously considering getting a Firewire reader for those, since the USB reader is painfully slow.

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