The interweb is full of WAR related stuff now that the NDA was lifted. I have to say I _love_ some aspects of the stuff that are coming up. Like the copywriting! The advancement paths for Orc tanks are:

Path of Da’ Brawler – You’z gud at stabbin’ things.
Path of Da’ Toughest – You’z gud at survivability. Mor’ killin’ later!
Path of Da’ Boss – You’z gud at da group support, cause everyone ‘as some killin’ ta do.

The bad parts of the deal is of course that the game is again split to separate US and Europe servers so I can’t actually play in a group with friends from both continents. And for some reason the WAR Europe website hasn’t been tested on any browser except for Internet Explorer (just failed to register due to crap javascript forms that FAIL on Firefox). Looks like it’s going to be an awesome game, but again a project that’s failed to realize the web exists. Shame.

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