Tim Sweeney on PC games market

Tim Sweeney on PC games market: “World of Warcraft has DirectX 7-class graphics and can run on any computer. But at the end of the day, consoles have definitely left PC games behind.”, followed by “The biggest problem in this space right now is that you cannot go and design a game for a high end PC and downscale it to mainstream PCs. The performance difference between high-end and low-end PC is something like 100x.”

In other words: “Those damn mass market gamers must be blind for not demanding 64-bit HDR! My business built on pushing more and more polygons to the screen every year is going bust! Must be those PC manufacturers not promoting the 3D accelerators enough!”

Dear Tim, the games industry is shifting. You have very, very cool technology but it’s aimed mostly at the core gamer. Most companies have now realized there’s more money to be made aiming at the mass market. Instead of whining about this, how about cashing on the phenomena? I’m sure you could.

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