Facebook total explosion in Finland

Haha, blogging about Facebook again… Anyway, it seems the Finnish Facebook usage has totally exploded during the last couple weeks. I’m getting a massive amount of invites from people who’ve just signed up. Interesting to see where it goes.

On another note, I’ve noticed the Apps in FB are starting to have serious scaling issues. Most of the apps in my profile have ceased to update themselves or update with extreme delays and a couple have completely broken due to the load. I’ve been playing Warbook (which is really plagued by cheating multis) but it seems the game’s now just gone. The site was spewing out Internal Server errors a few days ago and this morning the server was first down and now it’s just showing a blank page.

To me this indicates that Facebook actually needs to start hosting the apps to provide high quality experiences. And they seem to be considering this, too, as I saw news of an experimental framework for apps storing data on their servers.

Of yet another note, Aaron Miller commented on my previous post on the terms of use on Facebook. They basically claim ownership to everything you put there – what does this mean in case of you putting a Metaplace world up on your profile? I think there’ll be quite a clash of usage terms, especially if you start billing players within your world (as Raph’s indicated you can).

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