Prius love

I spent a week in Catalonia on holiday. First a couple days in Barcelona and then driving around the Pyrenees on a Prius from Hertz. What a car! The fuel economy really was pretty good, especially considering we drove up & down the hills quite a bit. I’d love to get a hybrid for my next vehicle so there’s hoping Toyota gets the next Prius done by the end of next year when my lease runs out.

Going to the mountains was definitely the best part of the holiday. Barcelona was packed full of people even though it’s not the tourist season. In the mountains the weather was excellent and the nature was just amazing – flowers were blooming everywhere and the medieval villages were incredibly beautiful. The photo is taken on a wooden bridge under Castillo de La Roca, a medieval village built on top of a lava surge from the last volcano eruptions in Garrotxa some 11 000 years ago.

Shots of Catalonian dragonflies are now posted to Flickr, of course.

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