GDC 2006

Experiences this far: most people in the industry seem confused and don’t know what to do with next generation games hardware and the Internet. Microsoft and Sony have done their homework and are going to be selling a lot of content over the Internet – e-distribution is the the Next Big Thing for them.

Sony just demoed a XBox Live-style service. One of the sample applications kind of blew my mind as it’s so simple and obvious once you see it – you’ll be able to purchase songs into Singstar’s PS3 version over the Internet using micro-transactions. I can see a model where the base game prices will go down and majority of the revenue in games will come from purchasing additions. As a consumer this sounds pretty good. Not sure what it’ll mean from the development perspective…

Next up is going to check what the Puzzle Pirates developers’ experience were with their new title, Bang! Howdy.

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