How Apple screwed up the iAd launch

So, iAd. It’s the new Apple advertising network, that allows application developers to put ads inside their apps, in a non-intrusive manner, and get 60% share of the revenues. ‘The demo for the feature was impressive, and I love the way the system works in that the app doesn’t quit on the back, so it’s safe to check out the ad.

Based on this, I was like, great, this is much better than what we have now. Then I started reading how regular consumers are commenting on the network online and realized Apple royally screwed up the launch communication of the feature.

There now seems to be a general misconception among consumers that Apple is changing the iPhone to barrage them with advertising all over the operating system, rather than just within apps in which the app developer has explicitly decided to integrate advertising. The general sentiment in the discussions I read was that this is now the new ultimate reason to not get an iPhone.

“It doesn’t multitask” is dead, welcome “it’s got ads”.

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